Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Media bigotry

I ran into an odious article called "GAYS: THE YET IS WORST TO COME (REDUX)", by Norman Liebmann, through Google News.

The author begins by writing about Tim Hardaway, the NBA player who gave an interview in which he announced to the nation his hatred of gay people:
Hardaway is learning in today’s America you’re not allowed to dislike anyone who falls under the protective aegis of the ACLU’s list of acceptable genders, hues, or its virtual Baskin Robbins list of ethnic flavors.

Of course, this is blatantly false: Mr. Hardway remains quite healthy after his outburst, nobody has tried to kill him, nobody has assaulted him, nobody has burned a cross on his lawn. So, clearly he continues to live a life of privilege, in sharp contrast to most of the people he denounced.

It is every American’s privilege to decide for himself who to like or not to like. If the measure for likeability is Barney Frank, anyone who doesn’t endorse his sexual warp can only be cataloged as morally impeccable. Being black, something other was expected of Tim – but despite that, Hardaway learned the one uncompromising ethic of the political left: Everyone has a right to his opinion – as long as he doesn’t express it.

Again, Mr. Liebmann's remarks are belied by the fact that Mr. Hardaway is just fine after his outburst. In contrast, how long would the average gay person in the south stay employed if they publically announced they're gay? How long would they live if they went for a walk down the street wearing an "I'm gay" t-shirt?

And yes, it is every American's privilege to decide who to like or not to like. That applies to Mr. Hardaway, so I support his right to hate me. It is also the right of the NBA to decide they don't like him, and they're under no obligation to have him represent them at their functions. It is also the right of Mr. Hardaway's advertising sponsors to decide they don't like him, and that he doesn't represent their values, and as such they don't have to choose to hire him for future advertising. This is all the same right of association granted by the constitution. Why is it that it seems that Mr. Liebmann feels that Mr. Hardaway's right to feel as he feels about gay people should override everyone else's rights to feel as they feel about Mr. Hardaway?

Homosexuality is spreading across this nation like a pox.

Oh, we could only wish.

The poor, poor downtrodden heterosexuals: they make up only 90+% of the population, and about 99.5% of the legislature and 100% of the president, vice president, and supreme court. They must feel so disenfranchised by these terribly low percentages.

Homosexuals no longer regard America as our country, but their country - The United States of Gay - and they view heterosexuals as an occupying army.

That's ridiculous on the face of it: we're a minority and we know it. That should be obvious to all observers, or we wouldn't have anything to fight for, we'd be running the place already.

Homosexuals do not want equality.

We want the special pink triangle parking spaces at the supermarket.

In his time, Michelangelo got as much respect as Rodney Dangerfield and Walt Whitman would be writing cuddlesome verses for Hallmark cards. When looking for someone to smarten up the Sistine Chapel, Pope Julius II probably said, “Get some homo to do it. Interior decorating is their bag.” It seemed a tall order to get Michelangelo up to the ceiling until they realized all you had to do is touch him in the just right place.

I believe this illustrates what sort of person Mr. Liebmann is.

Once arguably the nation’s most beautiful city, the homeless and the prurient have made San Francisco into Sodom-on-the-Sea, Bangkok-by-the-Bay, Haiti on a Hilltop, and Disneyland for Perverts.

What, no Provincetown?

Put it this way - San Francisco is a charming city, but no heterosexual can get a fair trial there.
That's strange, given that the vast majority of the population there is heterosexual. Why is it that so many heterosexual people would choose to live there if they would be second class citizens by doing so?

One couple celebrated their coming out of the closet by adopting a baby and naming it Armoire. Isn’t that precious?

Not according to the census bureau they didn't.

Increased homosexual activism has made most Americans nostalgic for the time when a “gay bar” was just a five-cent candy eaten by choreographers.

I thought most Americans were too busy trying to take care of their families and figure out how to pay for the bills to concern themselves much with political activists.

God, in His Infinite Wisdom, ordained one gender to a customer.

Except for the ones where he changed his mind and made them born as hermaphrodites, apparently.

Nature has thrown San Francisco more genetic knuckleballs then it did the Galapagos Islands.

I hear San Francisco smells better.

In San Francisco, it is not uncommon to hear a parent say, “Never mind the diapers, dear, it’s time to change the baby’s sex”.

Again, I think this shows what kind of person Mr. Liebmann is, and how truthful, given that it was worldwide news when a german 12 year old went for gender reassignment surgery.

Hence sex change surgery in the Bay area is a thriving business.

Ask any transsexual, and they'll tell you how stunningly hard it is to make it through the screening process to actually get to surgery. Consequently, hospitals in the US aren't going about making big profits on gender reassignment surgery. Hospitals that do it for profit do so in other countries where the screening process is dramatically less stringent, like Thailand.

In the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military, chances are your drill instructor will be Tommy Tune.

I seriously doubt it: I doubt many people in the military could handle his practice regimen.

Gays have a puerile need to call attention to themselves. Their Gay Pride Parade suggests what must have been Dorothy’s reaction to seeing Munchkins, “Look Toto, they all look like tiny Elton Johns. They must have come out of the closet through the keyhole”.

I advise Mr. Liebmann to be careful in considering the consequences of his words: the last time someone gave us a hard time about Judy, it resulted in Stonewall and the entire contemporary gay rights movement.

San Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom, determined that The United States Constitution is immaterial, but an illegal cardboard wedding certificate is binding.

The United States Constitution protects people's right to be gay, and says nothing whatsoever to prohibit any consenting adults from marrying.

The current marital deterioration in San Francisco tends to corroborate a growing conclusion throughout the country, that in the future, the prime cause of homosexual divorce will not be cruelty - but absurdity.

I guess we can live with that, since our divorce rate is 1/3 that of heterosexuals.

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